Galvalume steel coils

Commodity: Galvalume steel coil
Standard:EN10327:DX51D+AZ, JISG3321:SGLCC, SGLCD, SGLCDD, ASTM A792M
Grade: Q195 Q235 Q215 A653 SGCC SGCH DX51D
Width: 700mm-1250mm
Length: Coil or client's requirements
AluZinc Coating:40g/m2 to150g/m2
Spangle: regular spangle, small spangle, big spangle
Coil ID:508 /610mm
Coil Weight:3-7 Tons
Usage of galvalume steel coils:
Infrastructure: Roofing; External Siding; Garage; Shutter
Household Appliances: Oven; Air-Conditioning Ventilation System; Solar Water Heater; Electronics;
Automobile : Mobile Muffler; Vent Pipe; Catalysis Converter Heater Shield; Bottom Accessories;
Industrial Instrument : Electric Control Cabinet; Industrial Freezer Chest; Dispenser;
The distinctive features of the hot-dipped galvalume steel plate lies in its excellent properties of erosion resistance and damp heat resistance; The erosion resistance of the hot-dipped galvalume steel plate is 2-6 times higher than that of the ordinary hot-dipped galvanized steel plate. The damp heat resistance of hot-dipped galvalume steel plate is more than 3 times higher than that of the ordinary one.
Meanwhile, as well tried, the hot-dipped galvalume steel plate has the high temperature erosion resistance property. The hot-dipped galvalume steel plate will not fade after being oxidized for a week (168 hours) at a high temperature of 315째 C. Even at a temperature as high as 700째 C, the hot-dipped galvalume steel plate can still be free from severe oxidization and scale formation while the highest working temperature for the ordinary galvanized steel plate is only 230째 C. Besides, the hot-dipped galvalume steel plate has good cold-roll forming performance, stationarity, weldability and painting viscosity. What's more, because of its handsome appearance, the steel plate can be put into application without being painted.
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