Factory Direct Price 201 Stainless Steel Coil

201 stainless steel, has a certain characteristics of acid and alkali resistance, high density, polishing, no bubbles, no pinholes, etc., which is in the production of all kinds of watchcase, strap, bottom cover, high-quality materials, etc. The stainless steel coil is simply the extension of the ultra thin stainless steel plate.

201 stainless steel coil is a narrow and long steel plate which is mainly to meet the needs of the industrial production of various kinds of metal or mechanical products in different industrial sectors. And it has the feature of long time usage and it can endure the time abrasion.

Chemical Composition of 201 stainless steel coil:
C :≤0.15
Si :≤0.75
Mn :5.5~7.50
Cr :16.0~18.0
N :≤0.25
Ni :3.50~5.50
P :≤0.060
S :≤0.030

Physical Property of 201 stainless steel coil:
1)Modulus of elasticity: 29000000 PSI
2)Hardness requirements (Brinell hardness) HRB<183N/mm2 (MPa).
3)Density:.280lbs/cubic inch (density 7.93g/cm3)
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