Electro Galvanized Steel Coil

Electro Galvanized Steel Coil  

The electro galvanized steel coil, put the steel sheet into melting zinc tank make its surface adhesion one layer of zinc sheet. So it have the feature of coating of good welding.

The code of surface and quality of electro galvanized steel coil:
Surface: N NS, M MS, F FS, ZF ZFS. Surface: FA, FB, FC.

Electro is also called cold galvanized, and The plating solution has four kinds: cyanide, zincate, chloride and sulfate. The galvanized is to prevent steel corrosion, improve the corrosion resistance of steel and service life, at the same time also make products to increase the decorative appearance.

The electro galvanized steel coil has some advantages:
1.Good corrosion resistance, combined with meticulous evenly, Not easy to be corrosive gas or liquid into the internal.
2.No matter under the acid or alkali environment is not easy to corrode, Effective protection of steel body for long time.
3.Form all sorts of color, according to the customer favorite, the beauty is generous.
4.Zinc coating has good ductility, under bending and handing, it is not easily to fall.

We Jaway steel corporation is one of the biggest manufacturer of electro galvanized steel coil. Cooperated with CNPC and Porsche. Some trader buy form us and distribute to some famous companies like Kuwait Petrol , Siemens and Alstom. Welcome to contact.

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