ER80S Welding Wire With 2.0mm

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ER80S Welding Wire With 2.0mm

ER80S welding wire is a kind of normal welding wire in market, especailly Chinese market. It has many diameters, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm etc.


ER80S welding wire is a kind of martensitics provide good corrosion resistance. According clients’ demand, QT is workable to strengthen ER80S welding wire mechanical properties. ER80S welding wire with 2.0mm has many functions in life.


Used for carbon steel and 500 mpa grade single channel and multi-channel welding of low alloy steel, such as Bridges, vehicles, mechanical structure of the welding. It is made as per GB/T ER50-6 SG2 DIN JIS YGW12.


ER80S welding wire with 2.0mm for carbon steel TIG welding wire, it has excellent welding technology, arc stability, weld forming and beautiful. 2.0 m/s wind speed limit or less; Suggestions on the underside of the weld zone argon gas protection.


ER80S welding wire with 2.0mm Low Alloy Steel, it contains a high level of deoxidizers (Mn and Si), also Molybdenum for increased strength. Suitable for single and multi-pass welding of a variety of carbon and low alloy steels.


0.7mm -1.2mm stainless steel auto welding wires usually use DIN270 plastic spool (drum) packing.

Net weight each spool is 15kg. Outside of the spool using PVC shrink heat film warping.

Each spool put into one paper case.

0.8mm-4.2mm stainless steel welding electrodes usually use plastic drum packing. Net weight of each drum is 5kg.


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