ER70S-6 Weld Wire For Sale

ER70S-6 Weld Wire
ER70S-6, indicates:
ER - Electric Rod
70 - This two or three-digit number represents the minimum tensile strength of the weld metal, measured in pounds per square inch (PSI) multiplied by 1,000.
S - Solid wire.
6 - This number (with sometimes a letter added) indicates chemical additives used in the wire which may effect the polarity setting on the machine.
The 6 in this case indicates more deoxidizers have been added to the wire, which is helpful when welding on dirty or rusty steel. The other general purpose carbon steel wire type is ER70S-3. This one doesn't have the added chemicals, so is used primarily on new or clean steel.

Specifications:AWS A5.18 Class ER70S-6
Description:ER70S-6 weld Wire contains high levels of manganese and silicon for stronger deoxidizing power where stringent cleaning procedures are not possible. This wire has been designed to provide X-ray quality porosity-free welds and the highest tensile strength (as welded) of the plain carbon steel wires. The high silicon content increases the fluidity of the weld pool, creating a smoother bead appearance and resulting in minimal post-weld grinding. ER70S-6 is excellent where poor fit-ups or rusty and oily plates may be used.
Applications:Construction work, tanks, truck bodies, farm implements, pipes, steel castings or forgings, shaft build-ups and general shop fabrications.
Available in both MIG and TIG.
Jawaysteel is the original manufacturer of ER70S-6 weld wire.If you have any need about it please feel free to contact us!

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