Duplex Steel

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What’s Duplex Steel?

Duplex steel (dual - phase, DP steel), also known as the complex phase steel.Consists of martensite and austenite or two phase bainite with a ferritic matrix organization composed of steel.Generally will be composed of ferrite and austenite phase organization called duplex stainless steel, steel group composed of ferrite and martensite phase steel called dual phase steel.Dual phase steel is low carbon steel or high strength low alloy steel after intercritical heat treatment or control rolling and obtain.A typical dual phase steel yield strength 310 mpa for sigma s, sigma b tensile strength of 655 mpa.Dual phase steel used in the manufacture of cold punching, deep drawing forming of complex components, also used for pipeline steel, chain, cold drawn wire, prestressed steel bar, etc.


What’s performance feature of Duplex Steel?

(1), molybdenum duplex stainless steel under low stress has good resistance to chloride stress corrosion performance

(2), containing molybdenum duplex stainless steel has good resistance to pitting corrosion performance
(3), has good resistance to corrosion fatigue wear and corrosion resistance
(4) and good comprehensive mechanical properties.Have higher strength and fatigue strength, yield strength is 18-8 2 times of austenitic stainless steel

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