Cutting Stainless Steel Sheet Metal

Cutting Stainless Steel Sheet Metal  

Stainless steel sheet metal is with smooth surface, high plasticity, toughness and mechanical strength, acid and alkali corrosion of gas, solution, and other media.

The standard size of stainless steel sheet metal is 4’x8”(1220x2440mm).But some time,we need to customize the size according to specific requirement.

Cutting stainless steel sheet metal is based on the molding method.
Because of the special characteristics of stainless steel plate, the main processing method a re cold working and hot processing.

Cutting stainless steel sheet metal for cold processing: cutting sawing machine, line cutting, water cutting, shearing, cutting, punching, drilling and processing a variety of ways, such as, the molding quality was generally higher, but the efficiency is low, and often can not meet the production needs

Cutting stainless steel sheet metal for hot processing:Plasma cutting and laser cutting.Plasma cutting speed, high efficiency, but the cutting quality is not as good as the laser, but the whole procurement and use costs than the laser is much lower! Two methods can be used for stainless steel plate profile cutting requirements!

Among these methods,laser cutting is widely used nowadays. There some advantages of laser cutting:

1)narrower kerf,high processing precision,smaller deformation of workpiece
2)Fast speed of cutting
3)High cutting energy,good controllability in density

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