Cold-rolled stainless steel sheet suppliers

Cold-rolled stainless steel sheet suppliers  

We are one of biggest suppliers in China for cold-rolled stainless steel sheet, we are specialize in stainless steel products more than 20 years, include stainless steel wire/bar/pipe/sheet/plate etc.

Stainless steel cold-rolled sheet is made from cold production process, the size is 3mm, it is called sheet if the thick is not more than 3mm, vice versa, called thick sheet, the stainless steel sheet is divided into two categories, cold-rolled sheet and hot-rolled sheet, the cold-rolled sheet surface include 2B, Hairline and No.4, the hot-rolled surface is Pickled/ No.1.

Compared with hot-rolled steel plate, cold rolled steel sheet’s size is thinner, the cold-rolled steel sheet thinnest is up to 0.001mm, and the surface is more superior, smooth. What’s more, cold-rolled sheet can change properties, such as tensile strength and technological properties. cold-rolled is used widely medical equipment, appliance housings, internal structure and so on.

Our company founded in 1998 with long history and top technology in cold-rolled stainless steel, if you are interested in our pruducts,please freely contact me.

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