Cold Rolling Stainless Steel Coil

Cold Rolling Stainless Steel Coil  

Cold rolled stainless steel coil commonly used in the steel industry, different from hot roll.Refers to the direct rolling at room temperature with a certain thickness and winding machine rolls into the whole volume of steel belt.Compared with hot-rolled coil, cold-rolled coil surface light, bright and clean degree is high, but will have more stress, often in the annealing treatment after cold rolling.

Not be heated in the production process, so there is no hot rolled often appear defect such as pitting and tin oxide, good surface quality, high degree of finish.And the size of the cold rolled stainless steel products of high precision, the product performance and organization can satisfy some special requirements, such as electromagnetic performance, deep drawing performance, etc.

Thickness is 0.2- 4 mm, width is 600-2 000 mm, 

Suitable for electrical appliances, stainless steel kitchen utensils and appliances, metal products, floor spring, sanitary ware, chemicals, petroleum, pipe, cable package, medical, bending, flanging, machinery and equipment manufacturing building decoration and other industries.B.for hard applicable to electronic, electrical appliances, computers, high-tech adjustment gasket, metal stamping parts, pieces of spring shrapnel, etc.

Item description: 201 cold rolled stainless steel coil
The United States : ASTM: 201
Japan : JIS, SUS201
China: Cr17mn6ni5n GB/T5216:1
Chemical composition(%)
S:≤0.03 0
Yield stress:350N/m㎡
Tensile stress:700N/m㎡
hardness HV: 280°, 420° tolerance: hardness HV + 20°

200 series stainless steel nickel content is extremely low, its corrosion resistance is much lower than the 300,400 series.

201 composed of 17 Cr - 4.5 Ni - 6 Mn - N, section is Ni steel, 301 steel instead of steel.

After cold working with magnetic, used in railway vehicles.201 is the manganese content is higher, the surface is very bright with dark light, with high manganese easy to rust corrosion resistance is poor.

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