Cold Heading Wire Manufacturers Suppliers

  Stainless steel cold heading wire is mainly used for fasteners such as screws and bolts.It equals to stainless steel cold-twisting wire,which is mainly existing in austenitic stainless steel like 304,302,304CU,302HQ,304HC etc,with low yield strength and tensile strength. The stainless steel Cold heading steel governs wire with deformation resistance and good plasticity.

  There are two basic element to adjust cold heading wire’s ability like below,


Cold Heading Wire Manufacturers Suppliers

  As we all know if we want to adjust wire’s hardness or strength on yield and tensile,we can anneal the wire.The annealing is a very common and workable method to adjust wire’s hardness and ability in application.The different annealing method creates different wire usage.

  2)Alloy element

  The adding or decreasing on alloy element do affect wire’s properity.Like if we use the cold heading stainless steel wire to make screw or bolt,then wire should be soft and easy to be bend or machined.Besides,the wire should be suitable for cold work.Take an example,the Cu element in cold heading wire function as soften wire and suitable for wire’s cold heading ability,as we always see with 304 Cu,304A2 or 204Cu cold heading wire,in which there is 1% to 3% Cu adding in to make materials with enough yield and cold heading ability.

  Jawaysteel had an order before with a buyer from Egypt who purchased 304 A2 cold heading wire to make screw,size at 3.43mm,4.31m,5.18mm,7.01mm,2.74mm,3.3mm,3.7mm etc,total quantity is 1x20ft container.There is 1% to 2% Cu in that 304 A2 cold heading wire,fulfilled the order with very good quality wire and had a very positive feedback from customer.The customer is a very big mil to make screw and bolt in their local,till now they had purchased 3 orders and each one order we received a very good feedback.So if any buyer who is interested in cold heading staless steel wire,please write us at or call to +86 18201701305,thanks a lot.

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