Cold Drawn Stainless Steel Rod Production Process

Cold Drawn Stainless Steel Rod Production Process  

According to the processing technology of the stainless steel bar, and can be divided into hot rolled stainless steel, cold drawn stainless steel two kinds.

If it is a high demand for steel, the tensile strength, yield strength and so on all have higher requirements, it must use cold drawn material stainless steel bar, so how cold drawn material is made? Actually cold drawing is of a processing on the basis of the hot rolled bars, is by the method of cold extrusion make originally not so close hot rolled stainless steel bar by squeezing, change its molecular structure, between between the structure and the structure of the stainless steel rod inter-molecular tighter, more rust corrosion resistance.

Cold drawn or cold drawn out of stainless steel bars are light, on the production process, it is important to note that the black can't directly cold drawn into a polished stainless steel bar, cold drawing, but the product is not light, but black, if you want to come out of stainless steel bar is shining, so black before the cold drawing must after pickling can, the oxide coating on the surface of the stainless steel with strong acid wash, after grinding, and then to cold drawing, cold drawn after polishing, bright, sorting, packing, delivery.

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