Cold Drawn Stainless Steel Bars

  Cold drawing is to force the material through the mould at room temperature and reach the required size, which is usually used for round axis or round pipe. The advantages of cold drawing are: saving material, the material after cold drawing, not only the precision of shape dimension is accurate, but also the surface roughness is better. At the same time, due to the material surface after cold drawing, there will be a very thin surface hardening layer, which will increase the strength of the surface.

  In general, cold-drawn shaft type, pipe material for direct use, without the need for cutting. And bar machining generally refers to the required size through cutting.

Cold Drawn Stainless Steel Bars

  Bar production line technological process:

  Billet acceptance→ heating→ rolling→ shearing→ cooling→ shearing→ inspection→packaging→ measurement→ warehousing


  Mainly used for aeroplane engine blade, casing, fastener, combustion chamber, disc, shaft, combustion chamber outer wall, liquid oxygen kerosene engine, projectile, steam cylinder, propulsion device and so on. Widely used in aerospace, aviation, atomic energy, nuclear energy, petroleum, chemical, as well as food, environmental protection, marine development, boiler heat exchangers and other fields.

  Cold drawn round steel differs from round steel:

  Round steel is a kind of high precision cold-drawn round steel, the material is a "conditioning" disposal, can be directly used for shaft, do not need to be processed, corresponding common round steel, is our rare built for round steel, the supply of heat treatment condition is "normalizing", whether it is dimensional precision material are common the rest. Whether it is cold drawn round steel or round steel its shape is round, but the cold drawn round steel is very slippery outside, dimensional accuracy is very high, its machine performance is high, because the dimensional accuracy is high without processing can be directly applied.

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