Chinese stainless steel products exports up

Recently, Baosteel construction stainless steel B445R product has been successfully supplied to the certian glazed tile manufacturer, which will be the shelter for people after being processed as the colorful glazed tile commonly used at the home roof. This is another expansion of Baosteel stainless steel products application in the field of construction surface steel.

Compared to ordinary carbon steel products, stainless steel products has strong hardness, better corrosion resistance, light weight and better insulation, which is quite suitable for construction surface steel. At present, the substitution of carbon steel by stainless steel products is at the beginning stage in China, mostly used for large building projects and venue construction including Guangzhou Asian Games venue, Shenzhen Pingan financial center which did not enter into people's daily life.

Glazed tile is a common construction material in our countryside, which is one kind of architectural ceramics with bright color, laid on the roof as beautiful shelter. In some areas, glazed tile madefrom carbon steel is too heavy and do not have enough strength, which cannot prevent against hail and other natural disasters. produce stainless steel product developed by Baosteel can not only meet the demand for glazed tile production, but also possesses thinner, lighter, stronger and better corrosion resistance features, after approved by the user with trial manufacture, now it is available to supply to the user, Baosteel therefore become the first domestic enterprise to supply stainless steel products to the glazed tile industry.

According to statistics released by the Chinese Customs, China exported 142,676 tonnes of stainless steel flat products in May 2012, soaring by 11% MoM while decreasing by 19% YoY.

Meanwhile, China's imports of stainless steel flat bar products totaled 50,648 tonnes in May 2012, increasing by 19% MoM while declining by 15% YoY.

In the first five months of 2012, the country's exports of stainless steel flat products totaled 604,194 tonnes, falling by 16% YoY.

In the given period of time, the country imported 238,463 tonnes of stainless steel flat products, falling by 27% YoY.

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