Chinese import of flat steel products in July decreased

The Japan Iron and Steel Federation compiled recently statistics on China import of flat rolled steel products in July 2011 based on the data released by the General Administration of China Customs.

According to this, import quantity of flat products in July was 1.090 million tonnes down by 12.2%YoY for 6 months in a row since February.

By import country, import from Japan was 64,000 tonnes down by 10.7%YoY from Korea 246,000 tonnes down by 15.3% YoY and from Taiwan 12,000 tonne. All of them decreased from the same month last year.

As for import from other main countries EU 27 was 82,000 tonnes up by 20.2% YoY, Russia 2400 tonnes down 49.0% YoY, USA 2200 tonnes down by 39.6% YoY and Kazakhstan 10200 tonnes down 36.0% YoY.

Cumulative import quantity of flat products in January through July was 7,843,000 tonnes down by 5.9%YoY. As for cumulative import quantity from the 3 largest supply countries, import from Japan was 3,819,000 tonnes down by 3.9% YoY from Korea 5,100,000 tonnes down by 6.4% YoY and from Taiwan 1,070,000 tonnes down by 11.0% YoY. All of them decreased from the same period last year.

As for others, cumulative import from Russia was 11,000 tonnes down by 77.3% YoY and that from Kazakhstan was 100,000 tonnes down by 35.0% YoY. Import from both countries decreased largely from the same period last year. Import from USA was 25,000 tonnes down 2.9% YoY and that from EU27 was 455,000 tonnes up 0.1% YoY.

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