China 304 stainless steel coil pipe supplier

304 stainless steel coil pipe

stainless steel coil pipe is a new creative product from our company,previously we manufactured stainless steel long straight tube,cutting short tube,capillary tube etc,now we could produce stainless steel coiled pipe.Its size ranged OD5mm to 200mm,thickness from 1mm to 20mm.Length could be any into a coil.Our obvious advantage in coiled pipe is resonable low price and super good quality,especially for some very non-standard specs.Presently we have a long term old good customer who purchased 304 seamless stainless steel coil pipe,size is 12mm x 1.5mm,with such a precision size coild tube we are only one mill in China who can achieve such thin size in seamless coiled tube.The customer is extremely satisfied on our materials quality as well as our good service,fast delivery and fine strong package etc.


We are an exact supplier for 304 coil pipe in China since 1998.By recent years along with our sales grows,that coil tube is demanding more and more by our customers.They used the 304 stainless steel coil pipe into hear exchanger,oven,petroleum,chemical,nuclear,beer,milk,medicine etc.


If you have any matching inquiries,plz do not mind to send us inquiry with details such as grade,seamless or welded,size OD and WT,qty etc. 

304 stainless steel coil pipe supplier 


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