Carbon Steel Classification Information

Carbon structural steel grades with numerals and low digital low carbon content. Low-carbon steel including carbon structural steel grades: 08F, 10F, etc., with good ductility and toughness, often by surfac heat treatment manufacturing requirements hard and wear resistant surface, while center portion of really good parts. The use of low carbon steel sheets that rolling, deep drawing product.

Carbon steel including carbon structural steel grades are: 15 # carbon structural steel, carbon structural steel 20 #, 35 # carbon structural steel, 45 # carbon structural steel, moderate performance, the transfer of heat treatment have higher mechanical properties, carbon steel for use in the manufacture of smaller size that quenched parts, including rod, bushings, gears, piston pins, fasteners.

High-carbon steel including carbon steel grades: 50 # carbon structural steel, 55 # carbon structural steel, carbon structural steel 60 #, 75 # carbon steel, etc., there are high strength and hardness, the use of high-carbon steel guitar that manufacture springs and wear parts requirements. Carbon steel harden ability is poor, does not apply to the manufacture of high performance, cross-sectional size larger or more complex shape parts.

Carbon steel is steel comprehensive classification of ordinary carbon steel (including Q195; Q215 (A, B); Q235 (A, B, C); Q255 (A, B); Q275), but also by use classification architectural and engineering steels of ordinary carbon steel.

Steel according to shape into round, square steel, angle steel, steel, wire and other types. Carbon steel is carbon steel round; especially in the past that high-carbon steel is often circular. Like 45 # round.

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