CGCC Galvanization Strip for Sale in China

CGCC Galvanization Strip for Sale in China  

Nowadays galvanized steel products is becoming more and more widely in our daily life. Our Jawaymetal company export demand is increasing recently. Regarding to galvanized strip main introduction as below.

The main production process
The first stage: the entire volume of strip steel pickling, decontamination, reach the surface bright and clean.
The second stage: after pickling, through ammonium chloride or zinc chloride mixed aqueous solution tank cleaning, and then into the hot dip plating tank, hot dip galvanized.
The third stage: put in storage after strip steel galvanized plate, galvanized layer can according to customer needs, generally not less than 500g/m2, any of these samples should not be less than 480g/m2.

The main purpose of CGCC galvanization strip
1) Processing of household appliances, such as water tank, etc. It can reinforce the door plank to wait or strengthen the kitchen utensils and so on.
2) The construction industry: ceiling,wall,shutter, warehouse, both inside and outside board, insulation pipe shell, etc.
3) Household appliances: refrigerator, washing machine, shower, reinforce the protection in the vacuum cleaner and other home appliances
4) The car industry: car, truck, trailer, trolleys, garage doors, wiper, fender, fuel tank, water tank, etc.
5) Other aspects: equipment box cover, electrical cabinets, dashboard, office furniture, etc.

Post processing:
CGCC galvanized steel strip post-processing includes three aspects, passivation, phosphating and oil. First to passivation treatment of galvanized steel strip can improve gloss, the surface of the galvanized layer structure and improve the corrosion resistance and service life of the galvanized layer.

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