Brushed stainless steel sheet metal

Brushed stainless steel sheet metal  

Brushed stainless steel sheet metal is the stainless steel surface as the silky texture, this is just a kind of processing technology of stainless steel. Surface is inferior smooth, see there is a hint of a texture, but couldn't touch. Than ordinary stainless steel wear-resisting, bright surface looks more grade.

Drawing technology will to some extent, the loss of stainless steel plate thickness, generally in 0.1 ~ 0.2 mm. In addition, due to the human body, especially the palm has a relatively strong sebum and sweat secretion, stainless steel wire drawing board often touch leaves obvious fingerprint need to scrub on a regular basis.

The lassification of brushed stainless steel sheet metal board surface texture

1.Tthe drawing straight lines. Usually in the method of mechanical friction resulting from the processing of stainless steel surface surface status to straight lines. Drawing board can eliminate stainless steel plate processing raw materials surface scratches, and also have very good adornment effect. This pattern also have short filament grain and silking road, because this is to use a microfiber cloth grain or stainless steel brush on the surface of the plate straight line or short term, and can be obtained by changing the diameter of the steel brush lines of different thicknesses.

2. Drawing lines (and grain). Surface of sand grains from a distance by a circle of sand grain composition, fills nearby is not specification, is by the head about the irregular swing grinding, then electroplating tinting. This kind of state of the surface of the grain is dumb light, and the requirement of production is high.

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