Best Quality and Price 409L Stainless Steel Tube

409L stainless steel tube has high temperature resistance, high efficiency in engine and exhaust system, which can reduce the thickness of the exhaust system and emissions. 409L has good performance of low cost, good flexibility, high yield, easy to replace etc. It is environmentally friendly new products.

409L stainless steel tube has good resistance of corrosion, high temperature and fatigue, suitable for extending the life of vehicles and car lightweight, and as recycling of environmentally friendly materials, GM, Ford, Volkswagen, DaimlerChrysler and other major automobile manufacturers begin to use 409L stainless steel material in the exhaust system. The main function of the exhaust system is to reduce vibration and noise, and after the exhaust gas is burned, it is converted to a clean gas.

Automotive exhaust systems are the longest component of automotive components that withstand extreme temperature changes (-20 to 850 ° C) and high-frequency, high-velocity, high-frequency exhaust gas vibrations that are the most variable and most in-vehicle 409L can withstand the temperature limit (-20 ~ 650 ℃). Recently, due to increasingly stringent vehicle exhaust standards for the environment, increased driving in short-distance urban areas, and the spread of winter snow-removing agents, the use standards of exhaust systems have also become more and more stringent.

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