Argon arc welding & Electrical arc welding

Argon arc welding is a welding technology which use the argon gas as a protective gas, also called argon shielded arc welding. Usually, we use argon shielding gas around the arc welding, make the air isolated in welding area, preventing the oxidation around the welding zone. Due to argon gas was continuously used in the high temperature molten weld, the weld material will not contact with oxygen in the air, preventing the oxidation of weld material.


Electrical arc welding is the most widely used welding methods in industrial production, which principle is  use the heat generated by arc discharge (commonly known as arc burning) to melt the electrode and work piece, after condensation of weld formation, thereby gaining strong joint welding. Arc welding application range is very wide, crusher, railway rails and slag crusher, machine tool equipment, etc.


From the perspective of economy and flexibility, electrical arc welding is a better choice, from the aspects of efficiency, argon arc welding, of course, is better. Argon arc welding is of high quality, but low efficiency. On the contrary, the efficiency of the arc welding is relatively high.


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