AISI 431 black stainless steel round bar

Jaway steel corporation supply a wide range of stainless steel Round bar and flat bar material. We mainly focus on 200, 300, and 400 series. For 431 stainless steel grade, it is a ferritic stainless, which has very good forming ability and weld ability characteristics. Besides, it also has very good corrosion resistance and magnetic.

AISI 431 black stainless steel round bar correlation between physical properties and temperature

(1) specific heat capacity
With the change of temperature than the heat capacity will change, but in the process of temperature changes in the metal structure in the event of phase change or precipitation, then the specific heat capacity will be significant changes.

(2) thermal conductivity
At 600 ℃, the thermal conductivity of various stainless steel is basically in the range of 10 ~ 30W / (m · ℃), and the thermal conductivity increases with the increase of temperature. Austenitic stainless steel thermal conductivity is slightly lower than other stainless steel, compared with ordinary carbon steel, 100 ℃ austenitic stainless steel thermal conductivity of about 1/4.

(3) linear expansion coefficient
In the range of 100-900 ℃, the coefficient of linear expansion of various grades of stainless steel is basically 10 ~ 6 ~ 130 * 10 ~ 6 ℃ ˉ1, and increases with the increase of temperature.

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