8K mirror 304 stainless steel plate

8K mirror 304 stainless steel plate  8K mirror 304 stainless steel plate  

304 stainless steel mirror 8K plate has reached more than 8k mirror finish, is the bathroom products, star hotel decoration, clothing display cabinets, electrical equipment, chassis shell of choice.

8K mirror 304 stainless steel plate

It is stainless steel in the boutique, the first choice of 304 material 2B surface stainless steel sheet for the floor, with polishing equipment for grinding stainless steel plate surface until the light into a mirror so far.

First of all to deploy a good grinding fluid, water, nitric acid, iron powder by a certain proportion of reconciliation, followed by the first step on the machine. 80 # 120 # 240 # 320 # 400 # 600 # by coarse to fine order, (Note: 80 # is the most rough) This process is generally ground with water.

General six groups of grinding machine, mainly in order to remove the surface roughness, burr, trachoma, etc., have a certain depth, probably within the 2c. The surface is: fine sanding, already has a certain luminosity! Then, fine polishing was started. This is the mechanism must be sheep blankets, the higher the density the better, this process water, nitric acid, iron powder grinding, generally with ten groups of grinding machine, no depth at all, mainly in order to remove the surface oxide layer, trachoma, flower.

After 16 groups of grinding machine tempering, stainless steel 8K board this Hu to. After washing out the water drying: This process with water cleaning, brush the finer the better, the more clean water, washed out the more clean products, followed by drying with baking lights. Drying after the quality inspection: Check the brightness, the number of trachoma, with or without peeling line, dark bone, scratches, whether the product deformation, grinding head whether the control range. Paste protective film Packing: This process is mainly targeted for the finished product, requirements: protective film affixed to be flat, can not leak edge, cut neatly, and then you can pack packing!

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