8 gauge stainless steel wire mesh

8 gauge stainless steel wire mesh  

Steel wire mesh is a general name for the material to be woven or welded into a mesh including low carbon steel wire, medium carbon steel wire, high carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire and other materials.

Stainless steel wire mesh is widely used.There are five main weaving methods including plain weave, twill weave, Bamboo weaving,Mat type microgroove weave,Holland weaving.

Classification of stainless steel wire mesh

1)Plain stainless steel wire mesh: One of the most common ways of making a system is widely used in industrial production and civil life, which is characterized by the same density of warp and weft yarn.

2)Stainless steel square mesh: The precise structure, uniform mesh, good corrosion resistance, strong and durable. Widely used in industry and construction, screening sand, filter liquid and gas. Can also be used for mechanical attachment security and so on, and it also can be used in place of wood making wall and ceiling.

3)Mat type mesh/dutch wire mesh:
Weaving: plain weave, twill weaving, bamboo weaving, knitting contrast. Features: good filtering accuracy, high contrast network load intensity. Uses: used in aerospace, petroleum, chemical industry, scientific research and transportation industry, also can make lunch boxes, washing net etc..

Characteristic of stainless steel wire mesh
1)good properties of acid-proof,alkali-proof,corrosion resistance
2)High strength, good tensile strength, toughness and wear resistance,durable
3)High temperature oxidation resistant, nominal temperature tolerance is 800 degrees Celsius for 304 stainless steel screen, , 310S up to 1150 degrees Celsius
4)Room temperature processing, that is easy to plastic processing,diversifying the possibility of stainless steel wire mesh usage.
5)With smooth finish high, no need to do surface treatment, easy to maintain and simple

Application of stainless steel wire mesh
1)Used in acid and alkali environment, screening and filtering, oil industry as a mud network, chemical fiber industry as a sieve, electroplating industry for pickling network
2)Used in mining, petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, machinery manufacturing and other industries.

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