446 stainless steel Seamless tube

446 stainless steel Seamless tube  

446 stainless steel seamless tube’s corrosion resistance is strong, it is not easy to form the oxide skin which is easily peeled off at 1082 Celsius degrees below
It is used for combustion chamber.

Characteristics of 446 stainless steel seamless tube:
Compared with 445, Cr composition is higher, carbon composition is lower, adding Mo to ensure high corrosion resistance.

1) high corrosion resistance
2) weather resistance
3) high strength;
4) magnetic;
5) cannot be hardened by heat treatment.

Chemical composition (wt%) of the 446 stainless steel seamless tube:

C: 0.007%, Cr: 25.7%,P: 0.012%,S: 0.007%, Mo: 0.8%, N: 0.01%, Other: Mn:0.2
Physical performance: YS (MPa):335Mpa TS (MPa): 538Mpa

1) annealed and solid solution:
2D, 2B, and other surface treatment status.
Heat treatment
Melting point: 1425~1510 C; solid solution treatment: 760~830.

It is a kind of stainless steel used for large public buildings in coastal and industrial areas.

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