441 stainless steel plate supplier in stock

With low C, N, added Ti and Nb , 441 stainless steel sheet has high temperature strength, material corrosion resistance, weldability and workability.

Chemical composition of 441 Stainless Steel

Mechnical prperties of 441 Stainless Steel Sheet

Characteristic of 441 Stainless Steel Sheet
1)High temperature corrosion resistance
2)Good Weldability
3)High temperature strength
5)Excellent processability

Application :widely used for manufacturing exhaust manifold,front tueb,converter of aotumobile

Automobile exhaust system manifold pipe and the environment in which the temperature can reach 900 750~, local may reach 950, on material properties such as high temperature high temperature strength and high temperature fatigue high performance requirements. But with the emission level, engine performance, exhaust temperature rise, and due to the need to reduce the weight of components, especially for the three catalytic device, the use of ferritic stainless steel manifold can quickly improve the catalytic efficiency.

At present, for the high-temperature end of ferritic stainless steel are 429, 441, 444, which the Japanese car is mainly used in 429 and 444, Europe and the United States Department of mainly use 441.

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