440c stainless steel sheet supplier

  440C stainless steel sheet is a high carbon and high chromium martensitic stainless steel material. The content of carbon is 1%, and the content of chromium is 17%.

  Application: it is mainly used for manufacturing bearing parts which is working in corrosive environment and without lubrication and strong oxidizing atmosphere.

440c stainless steel sheet supplier

  440C stainless steel sheet has good high temperature dimensional stability, which makes it can also be used as corrosion resistant high temperature bearing steel. In addition, it can also be used for manufacturing high-quality knives, such as surgical scalpel, scissors, nozzles, bearings, etc. The ability of 440C stainless steel sheet to bear the dynamic load is low.

  Hardness: annealing, less than 269HB; quenching and tempering, more than 633HV

  Mechanical properties: internal stress (250 N/mm2) tensile strength (560 N/mm2) EL (18%) HB (250)

  Heat treatment process

440c stainless steel sheet

  Heat treatment specification and metallographic structure: heat treatment specification:

  1) anneal, 800~920 centigrade slow cooling;

  2) quenching, 1010~1070 centigrade oil cold;

  3) tempering, 100~180 centigrade fast cold.

  Metallographic organization: the characteristics of the tissue are martensitic.

  Delivery status: generally delivered in heat treatment, the type of heat treatment is indicated in the contract, and not specified, delivered according to non heat treatment condition.

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