440B stainless steel sheet

  440B stainless steel sheet is a kind of Martensitic stainless steel. The 440B stainless steel sheet is a kind of common product in the stainless steel field. The difference between 304H stainless steel plate and 440B stainless steel plate is on the Carbon content.

  Chemical composition of 440B stainless steel sheet

  C:0.75~0.95, ,Si :≤1.00, Mn :≤1.0 , Cr :16.0~18.0 ,S :≤0.03 ,P :≤0.035

  The high quality 440B stainless steel plate suppliers are mainly from China. As we all know, the Chinese stainless steel export amount account for more than 50% in the global market. After quenching, the hardness is higher, and different tempering temperatures have different combinations of strength and toughness, tableware and surgical instruments.

440B stainless steel sheet

  Automobile exhaust system manifold pipe and the environment in which the temperature can reach 900 750~, local may reach 950, on material properties such as high temperature high temperature strength and high temperature fatigue high performance requirements. Due to its’ good corrosion resistance and relative competitive price, it is widely used in the building, household items , indoor pipelines, water heaters, cabinets, bath, medical equipment, auto parts, food industry, marine parts etc.

  But with the emission level, engine performance, exhaust temperature rise, especially for the three catalytic device, the use of ferritic stainless steel manifold can quickly improve the catalytic efficiency. In China, there are many big and small stainless steel mills such as the Tisco, Baosteel, Lianzhong etc., due to the good quality and low price, the Chinese stainless steel sheet are popular in the world market.

  Jaway steel can supply 440B stainless steel sheet. At present, for the high-temperature end of ferritic stainless steelsheet, the Japanese car is mainly used in 429 and 444.

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