440B stainless steel sheet

440B stainless steel sheet hot-rolled coil plate on the slab (mainly for the continuous casting billet) as raw material, after heat made strip roughing and finishing mill group from finishing the last hot steel strip mill out through laminar flow cooling to the set temperature, which consists of the winder coil, steel coil after cooling, according to the different needs of users, with different finishing line (flat straightening transverse or longitudinal cutting inspection weighing and packing and logo, etc.)

Processing for steel plate leveling roll and longitudinal cutting steel strip products due to the strip steel products with high strength, good toughness, easy to processing molding and good weldability and other excellent properties, and widely used in the shipMechanical pressure vessel manufacturing industry such as vehicle bridge construction hot rolling size precision, surface quality of the strip shape control of the new technology is increasingly mature and new products constantly, strip steel belt products has been more and more widely used and has more and more strong competitiveness in the market product categories: strip steel products including steel belt (volume) and has its shear of steel plate and steel belt (volume) can be divided into straight hair volume and finishing (volume classification level and slitting and rewinding) main products:Hot continuous rolling according to its different material properties can be divided into: ordinary carbon structure steel low alloy steel alloy steel according to their different USES can be divided into: cold forming steel structure steel automobile structure steel corrosion resistant structure steel mechanical structure steel welding gas cylinders and pressure vessels for steel pipelines and other general description:Strip steel products, steel specifications, wide variety, wide range of USES, from general engineering structure to vehicles, such as bridge ship boiler pressure vessel manufacturing, are a large number of different purposes, the material properties of the steel plate surface quality and dimension precision of shape requirements are different, therefore, must be the variety of products of       440B stainless steel sheet hot rolled steel plate material characteristic and its purpose, to achieve economic and reasonable use of belongs to a kind of boiler and pressure vessel steel enterprise standards: baosteel 321 Q/BQB B440HP equivalent international standard:JIS G3116 SG295 SG325 steel plate for welding cylinders.

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