430 stainless steel tubes with cheap price

430 stainless steel tubes with cheap price  430 stainless steel tubes with cheap price  

The application of the 430 stainless steel tube,it is mainly used for the high gloss decorative purposes in the moderate atmosphere, such as the surface of the gas stove, the household appliance parts, the tableware, the interior decoration of the building, the washing tank, the inner barrel of the washing machine, etc.

430 stainless steel tubesthe with cheap price

The followings are the characteristics of the 430 stainless steel tubes,

1)Excellent deep drawing performance similar to that of 304 steel;

2) Having strong corrosion resistance to oxidation of acid, alkali and most organic and inorganic acid also has certain corrosion resistance; resistance to stress corrosion cracking ability in grade 304;

3) Thermal expansion coefficient is lower than 304 steel, high oxidation resistance, suitable for thermal equipment;

4) Cold rolled product appearance good brightness, beautiful;

5) Compare to the 304 grade, 430 stainless steel tubesthe price is cheap, as a substitute for steel grade 304.

430 stainless steel tube is equivalent to China's 1Cr17 stainless steel tube.430 grade stainless steel tube contains 0.01% carbon, chromium ~17%,International stainless steel marking method.430 stainless steel pipe --S43000 (AISI, ASTM).In China,430 corresponds to the Chinese brand is 1Cr17,the characteristics and uses of the 430 stainless steel pipe: general steel excellent in corrosion resistance, decorative building, heavyoilburnerparts, household appliances, household appliances parts.

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