430 grade stainless steel tube

430 grade stainless steel tube--S43000 (American AISI, ASTM) 430 corresponding Chinese brand is 1Cr17 characteristics and uses: general corrosion resistance of general steel, building interior decoration, heavy oil burner parts, household appliances, household appliances parts.



1) Excellent deep drawing performance, similar to 304 steel;

2) It has strong corrosion resistance to oxidizing acid, and also has certain corrosion resistance to lye and most organic and inorganic acids; resistance to stress corrosion is stronger than that of 304 steel;

3) The coefficient of thermal expansion is lower than that of 304 steel, and it has high oxidation resistance and is suitable for heat-resistant equipment;

4) The appearance of cold rolled products is good and beautiful;

5) Compared with 304, the price is cheap, as an alternative steel type for 304 steel.


Scope of application:

Mainly used for high-polishing decorative applications in mild atmospheres, such as gas stove surfaces, appliance parts, tableware, interior decoration, washing tanks, washing machine inner tubs, etc.


Precautions for use:

1) Relative to 304, the tensile properties and welding performance are poor;

2) because it is ferritic stainless steel, the strength is relatively low, the work hardening ability is also low, should be noted when choosing to use;

3) After the drawing process, the surface will appear ridging in the direction of rolling, which brings great difficulty to the polishing operation.

430 grade stainless steel tube

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