430 BA Finish stainless steel coil

  430 BA Finish stainless steel coil is one kind of common steel with good corrosion resistance, better thermal conductivity than austenitic. It is a kind of alloy steel that is not easy to rust, but it is not absolutely rusting. Usually, for thickness less than 3mm, the coil have 2B finish. BA finish is produced under 2B finish. So 2B is the original surface. If you need BA surface, costs of produce should be added. The general mechanical structure of 430 stainless steel hot rolled coil is made of carbon steel, alloy steel and tool steels, which are used in the production of various mechanical parts after heat treatment.

  430 stainless steel hot rolled coil has low hardness, easy processing and ductility.

  430 stainless steel hot rolled coil, mechanical property is far less than cold processing, also inferior to forging processing, but has good toughness and ductility

  Chemical composition of 430 stainless steel

430 BA Finish stainless steel coil

  Surface grade of 430 BA Finish stainless steel coil: NO.1, 1D, 2D, 2B, N0.4, HL, BA, Mirror, and other surface treatment.

  Properties of 430 stainless steel

  The coefficient of thermal expansion is smaller than that of austenite

  Thermal conductivity is better than austenite


  Good mechanical properties of weld

  Addition of stabilized titanium

430 BA Finish stainless steel coil

  Electronic products, tableware, screen and burner

  Jawaysteel Co.,Ltd specializes in this line for around 20 years, and we have many experiences in this line, especially in 430 BA Finish stainless steel coil. Many customers from the whole world purchased our goods, such as coil, plate, sheet, wire, wire rod, bar, pipe, tube etc from our company. We keep nice relations with old customers always. The automotive structure has good DRAWING performance and high strength steel plate for welding performance, which is used for FRAME, WHEEL and other production.

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