420 stainless steel pipe

  Type 420 Stainless Steel, also known as "surgical steel", is an often used high-carbon martensitic stainless steel. It is similar to Type 410, but has more strength and hardness.

  It can be hardened through heat treatment, which brings good ductility for metal fabricators as well as excellent polishability.

420 stainless steel pipe420 stainless steel pipe

  420 stainless steel pipe is used for a variety of applications where good corrosion and outstanding hardness is necessary.

  It is not usually used at temperatures exceeding 800oF (427oC) due to quick hardening and loss of corrosion resistance. Examples of applications


  2.Knife blades

  3.Surgical instruments

  4.Needle valves

  5.Shear blades


  7.Hand tools

  Chemical composition

  The unique chemical formula for creating Type 420 Stainless Steel Pipe includes:

  Cr 12-14%

  Mn 1%

  Si 1%

  C 0.15%

  P 0.04%

  S 0.03%

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