416 stainless steel round bar

416 stainless steel round bar  416 stainless steel round bar  

416 stainless steel is one kind of martensitic stainless steel, the domestic brand is Y1Cr13, the best performance is easy to cut steel stainless steel. 416 for automatic lathes, etc.. 416 stainless steel round rod,free cutting stainless steel is mainly used for electromagnetic micro motor and electrical components production.

416 stainless steel round rod that is SUS416, is the standard of Japanese martensitic stainless steel, chemical composition and mechanical properties equivalent to the national standard Y1Cr13. High carbon content, heat treatment, the highest hardness up to Rockwell hardness HRC50.

416 stainless steel round bar

Martensitic stainless steel refers to the overheating can be adjusted to adjust the mechanical properties of stainless steel, in general,416 stainless steel round bar is a class of stainless steel can be hardened, the typical brand Cr13. After quenching, the hardness is high, and the tempering temperature has different strength and toughness combination.

416 stainless steel round bar heat treatment generally has the following several processes:

1. annealing after hot rolling due to rapid cooling and hardening, in order to soften the treatment, increase the ductility, need to anneal. The annealing temperature for 850~9200C furnace cooling to 6000C, and then air cooling is called full annealing in the bell type furnace in general. The annealing temperature is 620~7800C, and then the process of air cooling is called annealing.

2. quenching martensite stainless steel after high temperature quenching can get very high hardness, the quenching temperature is 925~10650C, oil quenching or air cooling. In order to eliminate the internal stress after quenching, it is necessary to eliminate stress annealing and tempering. However, this treatment is generally used for bars and mechanical parts.

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