4130 stainless steel plate with cheap price

  4130,the Chinese domestic grade 30CrMo, is an alloy steel containing chromium and molybdenum.

  Thin-walled 4130 steel pipe will be used to make bicycle frames, landing gear for small aircraft, engine brackets, rally racks, etc. the tensile strength is generally above 750MPa, material always subject to steel bar and thick plate on the market.

4130 stainless steel plate

  Applications of 4130 stainless steel plate

  It is used for storage, pressure and processing tanks, pipe and tubing, enclosures, cabinets, and housings for all industries, especially the industry.

  Chemical Composition of 4130 stainless steel plate(%)

  •   Iron, Fe:97.03–98.2
  •   Chromium, Cr:0.80–1.10
  •   Manganese, Mn:0.40–0.60
  •   Carbon, C:0.280–0.330
  •   Silicon, Si:0.15–0.30
  •   Molybdenum, Mo:0.15–0.25
  •   Sulfur, S:0.040
  •   Phosphorous, P:0.035

4130 stainless steel plate price

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