410 Stainless Steel Wire Matte Finish

410 Stainless Steel Wire Matte Finish  410 Stainless Steel Wire Matte Finish  

410 stainless steel is produced in accordance with the United States ASTM standard stainless steel grades, equivalent to China's 1Cr13 stainless steel, S41000 (US AISI, ASTM). 0.15% carbon, chromium 13%, 410 stainless steel: a good corrosion resistance, machinability, general purpose blade category, valves category. 410 stainless steel heat treatment: solution treatment (℃) 800-900 slow cooling or 750 cold.

Chemical composition:
C≤0.15, Si≤1.00, Mn≤1.00, P≤0.035, S≤0.030, Cr = 11.50 to 13.50.

1) high strength;
2) Excellent machinability
3) hardening after heat treatment;
4) magnetic;
5) is not suitable for harsh corrosive environment.

3, the scope of application

General blade, mechanical parts, a class of tableware (spoon, fork, knife, etc.).

Matte finish processed based on shiny finish,the price is higher than shiny finish.

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