410 stainless steel sandblasting plate price

Product overall characteristics
410 stainless steel sandblasting plate is a compressed air flow of quartz sand sprayed on the surface of stainless steel, the surface cleaning or modification processing. And frosted, sandblasting effect is more fine, more texture, three-dimensional sense.

(1) thickness of 0.2mm-3.0mm. (2) Length, width: 1219 * 2438mm; 1219 * 3048mm; 1000 * 2000mm; 1500 * 3000mm conventional size. (3) can be customized according to customer requirements unconventional size.

main material
201,202,301,304,316,410,420,430 and other domestic and imported stainless steel coil and plate.

Black titanium, black rose, gemstone blue, rose gold, titanium, rose red, bronze, green bronze, yellow bronze, red bronze, red wine, champagne gold, gold, gray, brown, emerald green , Brown, pink, purple blue, colorful and other colors, but also according to customer model color processing.

Material origin
TISCO, Jiuquan, Baosteel, Po new, Lianzhong, Zhang Pu and so on. Can also be calendered custom.

The surface is more texture, non-water, no fingerprints, stainless steel parts can also improve the surface roughness, thereby enhancing the adhesion of the surface after the cover, corrosion resistance than ordinary stainless steel. Sandblasting can also make a lot of fine personality patterns.

Applicable areas
Stainless steel sandblasting plate Application: Star hotels, large shopping malls, Wealthy clubs, bars, luxury KTV and other decoration, clothing display cabinets, safes, interior decoration. Hardware appliances, kitchen utensils, cabinet panels, elevator decoration, smallpox, walkway, advertising signs and so on.

Cargo packing
1, Coil: the surface of the film, the inner ring with paper roll, outer paper wrapped with steel with a fixed.
2, flat: the surface coating, the whole wooden box packaging.

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