410 stainless steel cutting wire-best quality best price‎

Detailed description of 410 stainless steel wire:

410 stainless steel cutting wire is a kind of wire, such as stainless steel wire, iron wire, spark, galvanized wire, coated wire, baking wire, etc., to be straightened by the customer's requirement.

Product specification: the silk diameter is 0.5mm- 4.5mm, and the length is unlimited. According to the specific requirements of customers, we can process customized products.

Cutting thread: cutting wire, straight wire, PVC cutting wire, stainless steel cutting wire, galvanized cutting wire etc.

Product features: easy to transport and easy to use.

Product use: widely used in construction industry, handicrafts, daily civil and other fields.

Packing specification: packaging according to user's requirement.

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