410 stainless steel coil supplier

  Some news about China local market for stainless steel materials.

  Under recent years,Chinese government launched a series supervision to control the air pollution and environmental problems,and created new policy to decrease nation’s yearly capacity on steel and stainless steel,that resulting in many small mills closing and many big nation-owned mill are prosperous.These are the core reasons for the prices increased much during these years from 2016 to 2018.

410 stainless steel coil supplier

  The closing from small mills that make supply less and make customers choice being limited,their purchase plans with small quantity and non-standard needs for materials are restrained.

  Take a buyer from India for example,they purchased 4-5 time from us on 410 stainless steel coil,each time their quantity is 3 tons,previously during normal time our delivery time is 5 days and price to be very competitive,however now during the special times they need to pay nearly one half more than that in last order and the delivery time is extended to be 15 days,due to the supply for 410 coils is decreased and production time for 410 ss coil is prolonged resulted from government policy on the environment.

410 stainless steel coil supplier

  Our company now is adjusting ourselves into the special time by stocking more stock materials for stainless steel wire,coil,bar,tube,sheet,strip etc,hence in most cases we can ensure on time delivery and prices being stable,although the current market prices level is still changable and flexible.At the same time,we created more sources in business cooperation,now we are the distributors of Tisco,Baosteel,Lisco,Posco,and besides,for some middle sizes steel groups we also started the business cooperation,seeking more stock materials and make our prices to be competitive all the time.

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