410 stainless steel circle Factory price

410 stainless steel circle Factory price  

410 stainless steel circle is made from the stainless steel sheet, it is mainly used for making the stainless steel bowl which is very popular in India, Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan, Syria etc. market. And customers usually ask the DDQ( deep-draw quality) as it is more suitable to do the further processing.

Usually customers buy the 201, 430, and 410 stainless steel circle to do the bowl as these kind of material is more cost-effective and the price is much lower compared with 304, 316 stainless steel material. Another reason is that it is mainly used in developing countries, customers from those countries can’t accept the high price stainless steel circle.

Jawaysteel is the one of the biggest suppliers of factory price 410 stainless steel circle. We have the CNC automatic processing machine and can produce more than 30tons per day. The 201, 430, 410 factory price stainless steel circle are available with and high quality and fast shipment. And we can do the processing of various kinds of finish such as the brush, hairline, no.4, BA, mirror etc., and the thickness can be 0.2mm---4mm, diameter can be 20mm --820 mm and samples are available.

Chemical composition of factory price 410 stainless steel circle:
C: 0.08-0.15%, Mn: 1.0%max, P: 0.04%max, S: 0.03%max, Si: 1.0%max,
Cr: 11.5-13.5%, Ni: 0.75%

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