410 series stainless steel coil

    4 Series SS products are normal in China. 410 stainless steel coil and sheet is a ferritic, low carbon stainless steel.It has good corrosion resistance in a mildly corrosive environment and good oxidation resistance at elevated temperatures. If the annealing temperature does not exceed 1450°F (790°C), an air cool may be substituted for the furnace cool when annealing thin sections. 

    This alloy is resistant to attack in a wide variety of corrosive media including nitric acid, and many organic acids. 

    420 & 430 stainless steel coil has limited weldability and edge welds are not recommended. We supply the products not only to the domestic market, but also to Myanmar, Vietnam, South Korea, Malaysia and Pakistan. Our famous factory had equiped with Welding platform,Deburring equirment, Bending equipment, Machinery processing platform etc .

    Type 410 / 420 should be annealed at 1380-1520ºF and furnace cooled at a rate of 50°F per hour to 1100°F and air cooled.Forming:

    Type 420 is readily drawn and formed. Its drawing characteristics are similar to those of low-carbon steel, although it is stronger in the annealed condition and will require stronger tooling and increased power. 430 stainless steel coil has excellent polishing characteristics and is used in a variety of decorative applications.  When a weld filler is needed, AWS E/ER 310S and 420 are most often specified.

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