410 Stainless Steel Spring Wire

  About 410 Stainless Steel Spring Wire,we exported to many countries, including Peru,Russia,Brazil,Turkey,they imported our goods to make spring in industry,household etc. annealing is usually used as the preparation of heat treatment process in the manufacturing process of the workpiece. After the cold and plastic deformation, the internal grain is broken, the crystal lattice distortion, and the residual stress exists, so it is not stable. It has the spontaneous tendency to develop to the steady state, but the diffusion ability of the atom at room temperature is very weak, and the change is very difficult.

  410 Stainless Steel Spring Wire has high temperature resistance, electric power, anti fatigue performance, rubber, breaking force, metallurgy, chemical, bridges, military, water conservancy, tourism, which is a very traditional product inside our company

  Jawaysteel corporation is the original manufacturer for stainless steel wire in welding,spring since 1998,we are an expert in manufacturing all kinds of stainless steel wire in China market.Till now,we have more than 500 customers ordering stainless steel wire from us.

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