409L stainless steel pipe original manufacturer

Professional supply of 409L stainless steel pipe, 409L stainless steel pipe are usually used for exhaust pipes, exhaust systems - both as stainless steel exhaust pipes. The specification is complete, the price is excellent, can customize the non-standard fittings.

409L is the typical representative of 400 series stainless steel, which is low carbon and titanium, and contains about 11% Cr, generally used as heat resistant steel. The steel has excellent processability and weldability. It has proper high temperature characteristics and normal temperature and corrosion resistance. The main purpose is the raw material of heat-resistant equipment.

409L stainless steel pipe - main purpose
The 409L features make it widely used in automobile exhaust pipe parts, heat exchangers, heat-resistant equipment, and can also be used in low-grade western tableware, electronic components. The 409L after the hardened treatment can also be used as a container.

Detection method:
The company has a complete testing method (squashed, curved, expanding test, mechanical performance test) to ensure the production of 409L/409 stainless steel pipe to meet the national standard.

The price is low, the thermal conductivity is better than the austenitic body, adding the stable chemical element titanium, the mechanical property of the weld site is good, the thermal expansion coefficient is smaller than the austenitic body, the heat resistance fatigue.

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