409L Stainless Steel Circle Plate With High Quality

409L Stainless Steel Circle Plate With High Quality  409L Stainless Steel Circle Plate With High Quality  

Definition and Application of 409L Stainless Steel

1)It is one of the most widely used chromium nickel stainless steel with good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low temperature strength and mechanical properties. In the atmosphere corrosion resistance, if is industrial atmosphere or heavy pollution area, the need to clean to avoid corrosion. Suitable for food processing, storage and transportation. Has good processing properties and weldability. Plate heat exchanger, bellows, household products, building materials, chemicals, food industry, etc..

2)409L stainless steel circle plate has strong resistance to corrosion, high temperature and fatigue, which can realize the life and light weight of the exhaust system components.

3)With high temperature resistance, 409L Stainless Steel can achieve high efficiency of the engine and exhaust system, and reduce the thickness of the exhaust system, can reduce exhaust emissions.

4)With low cost, good flexibility, high yield, easy to replace, 409L stainless steel circle plate are environmentally friendly new products.

5)With good corrosion resistance, lightweight suitable for prolonging service life of automobile and automobile, and as Recyclable using environmentally friendly materials, automobile manufacturers, Ford, Volkswagen, GM and DaimlerChrysler 100% in the exhaust system of stainless steel. The exhaust system of the automobile is processed by the high temperature and the high speed combustion exhaust gas generated by the automobile engine, and is discharged out of the automobile. The main function of the exhaust system is to reduce the vibration and noise, and the exhaust gas after the re combustion, to convert it into a clean gas. The automobile exhaust system is auto parts of the longest component, the system must withstand the temperature change greatly (-20 to 850 DEG C), high frequency and high temperature exhaust gas shock, and is the largest and most complex changes in the environment inside the car, the 409L can withstand the temperature limit (-20 to 650 DEG C). Recently, due to increasingly stringent environmental standards for automobile exhaust, short distance, in addition to increasing urban driving and other reasons the winter snow spreading agent, using the standard exhaust system has become more and more strict, from Euro - Euro IV standard, traditional steel can not meet the technical requirements of the motorcycle exhaust system has adopted 409L high-end materials. The amount of 409L stainless steel used per vehicle is 35KGS-65KGS.

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