409 stainless steel plate supplier

  Type 409 stainless steel is a ferritic stainless steel that has a good combination of heat resistance and corrosion resistance. Its titanium stabilized low nickel content provides for an economical metal resistant to corrosion and oxidation.

409 stainless steel plate

  The process of creating stainless involves mining chromite from underground mines. The chromite is crushed to produce a chromite concentrate. The material is melted in an electric furnace with other raw materials (iron ore, manganese, nickel, etc.) use for the specific stainless type.

  After melting the material is formed into slabs and sent to a hot rolling mill. The rolling mill, also known as a roughing mill, reduces the thickness of the steel and it is cooled by water. The material is then transferred to a cold rolling mill.

  When the material arrives at the cold rolling mill it is covered in black scale and is sent through an annealing and pickling line to remove it.

409 stainless steel plate supplier

  Chemical Composition 

  Carbon: 0.030% (Max)

  Manganese:1.00% (Max)

  Silicon:1.00% (Max)

  Phosphorous:0.040% (Max)

  Sulfur:0.020% (Max)


  Nickel:0.50% ? ?


  Tensile Strength:(380 MPa)

  Yield Strength:(170 MPa)

  Elongation:> or equal 20% in 2"

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