403 stainless steel round bar

403 stainless steel round bar is produced according to ASTM standard.

403 stainless steel round bar is equivalent to Chinese 1Cr12 stainless steel bar, it contains carbon 0.01%, chromium 0.12%.

Characteristics and applications: good stainless steel used for steam turbine blades and high stress parts.

ASTM standard: 403
Type: martensitic stainless steel
Chinese standard: GB/T5216 1Cr12
American UNS no.: S40300
Japanese standard: SUS403
Germany standard: X6Cr13

Chemical composition:
C: ≤0.15
Si: ≤0.50
Mn: ≤1.00
P: ≤0.035
S: ≤0.030
Cr: 11.50~13.090

Jawaysteel is the manufacturer of 403 stainless steel round bar for nearly 20 years, we can produce different sizes and finish( bright and black finish) , our annual production capacity is more than 5000tons.

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