403 Stainless Steel Strip in Jawaysteel Company

403 Stainless Steel Strip in Jawaysteel Company  403 Stainless Steel Strip in Jawaysteel Company  

Stainless steel strip Is becoming very popular stainless steel materials we export nowadays in bulk quantity used in knife,pipe manufacturing,belt,binding and decoration etc.

Among 400 series stainless steel materials,the AISI403,same as S40300, is a very special one,that is an obvious martensitic stainless steel, in China we mark it to be 1Cr12.It is a hardening of stainless steel that after quenching,it enjoys higher hardness than 304 take for example.But 403 stainless steel has less ability in corrosion resistance and toughness than 304 and other ordinary stainless steel.Due to lacking of Nickle and less for Cr element,it is hard to be resistant in corrosion resistance,impact,drawing as well as shaping.

On 13th of March,our company Jawaysteel Corporation had signed one order with one of our old customers in Greece,who purchased 403 stainless steel strip with size of 0.5x320mm 25 tons,shipping by 1x20ft container,the customer is one of biggest auto-parts suppliers in Greece.This is his 3rd repeated order to us.Being satisfied on our good quality and fast delivery time,they likes to order more qty of strips in May.

The customer use the 403 strips in the spring for the automobile company.They ask for quenching and hard 403 stainless steel strips,and edge for the strip has to be smooth and round,that requires us to remove the blurs when we spliting the strips.Another demand is special,customer ask us to make sure after strips cutting into the sheet,the sheet shall be very flat without any bending,curved and unflat etc,this is a very high demand for our engineering and production skills.As to make such hard strip into smooth and flat ones does take engineering and technology approve.

If you have any demand on stainless steel strips,please write us or call us any time,thanks.

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