3mm stainless steel sheet

3mm stainless steel sheet  

The 3mm stainless steel sheet , our topic for today. It belong to the thin stainless steel plate. About the producing method, it could be hot rolled, also cold rolled. It according to the customer’s demand. But generally, the 3mm stainless steel sheet is made by cold rolled.

For hot rolled, the steel slab as raw materials, then make into strip after heating and finishing mill group. According to the different demand of users. It is made into steel plate After different finishing line. And cold rolled, hot rolled steel coil as raw materials, to remove oxide skin in cold rolling after acid pickling, then finished into cold rolled steel plate.

Talk about the producing method. Generally, the thickness of cold rolled is 0.2-4mm and the thickness for hot rolled is above 1.2mm. For cold rolled plate the higher strength and hardness. Also high surface finish. And for hot rolled, strength is lower than cold rolled plate. And the surface is not good as cold rolled plate. But it has advantage, the good plastic. So it is not easy to break.

The 3mm stainless steel sheet made with cold rolled. Could be the material to produce the corrosion resistant parts, such as pipeline of petroleum, chemical industry, containers, medical equipment, Marine equipment. If produced by hot rolled, it widely used in steel structures, Bridges, ships, the production of vehicles, container, pressure vessel, the food industry, surgical equipment, aerospace, petroleum and chemical industry.

There are some big mill of 3mm stainless steel sheet , like TISCO, ANSTEEL, BAOSTEEL, etc. Besides, there are small and medium-sized enterprises. We Jaway steel corporation is one of the leaders in the line with competitive price and good quality.

We Jaway steel corporation has 18 years fruitful experience to produce 3mm stainless steel sheet. Self-esteem, self-confidence and mutual benefit is our core spirit, “consider more and service more for our client” is our basic motto. Welcome new and existing client to inquiry.

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