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330 stainless steel bar supplier in China.The 309, 310, 314 and 330 stainless steels have high nickel and chromium content in order to improve the oxidation resistance and creep strength of steel at high temperature.330 stainless steel. Name: austenitic stainless

steel;Standards: AISI, ASTM; Model: 330;UNS no.:N08330.

330 steel characteristics and applications:
The 309S and 310S are variations of the 309 and 310 stainless steels, which differ only in the low carbon content to minimize the carbide precipitated near the weld. The 330 stainless steel has particularly high carburizing resistance and thermal shock resistance.

30 tempering chemical composition:
Carbon C: 0.08 or less
Manganese Mn: 2.00 or less
Si Si: 0.75 ~ 1.5
Chromium Cr: 17.0 ~ 20.0
Ni Ni (2) : 34.0 ~ 37.0
P P: 0.04 or less
S: sulfur 0.03 or less
Note: all single values are the highest unless otherwise specified; For some pipe making process, some models of austenitic stainless steel nickel content must be slightly higher than the value shown in the table; (3) random; The maximum Ta content is 0.10%; (5) the highest content is 0.75%; The maximum content is 0.70%.

330 stainless steel bar supplier in China.Compared with 304, 310, 309 stainless steel, 330 to some white light, smooth more slippery. Only observe a piece of stainless steel plate, it is not easy to distinguish is not 330, it is best to compare with ordinary stainless steel plate (304) color, rub off the surface of the dirt with the hand touch the smoothness and so on. Careful and accurate inspection method is the use of equipment, but that is not the waste collectors can do on the spot.

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