321H Stainless Steel Rod

321H stainless steel rod material is nothing more than ferrite, martensite, austenite;
It is mainly reflected by the different proportion of iron, chromium and nickel in 321H stainless steel.Directly resulting in 321H stainless steel in density and hardness and other physical properties and even mechanical properties of the difference.

Note: a single value, unless otherwise indicated, is the highest value; (2) when used in some pipe manufacturing processes, some models of austenitic stainless steel nickel content must be slightly higher than shown in the table; (3) random; (4) the maximum Ta content is 0.10%; The highest content is 0.75%; The maximum content is 0.70%.321H stainless steel is stainless steel with carbon C of 0.04~0.10.

Product form: plate, belt, pipe (seamless pipe and welded pipe), bar, forging, pipe, flange and welding material.Specification range: diameter 6-500mm, length 0.5-30m;

Specification range of 321H stainless steel plate: thickness 0.5-80mm, length 1-6m, width 0.5-3m.Specification range of 321H stainless steel tube: external diameter 6-530mm, wall thickness 0.5-50mm, length 1-12m;Application: we serve in petroleum, chemical industry, smelting, water conservancy, electric power, *** machinery, papermaking, thermal insulation, refrigeration, mechanical equipment, food, construction, aviation, shipbuilding, submarine engineering,Environmental protection, boiler heat exchanger and other industries. Our business targets both domestic and international customers.

321H chemical composition: Carbon C: 0.04 ~ 0.10,Manganese Mn: 2.00 or less
Si Si: 0.75 or less,Chromium Cr: 17.0 ~ 19.0,Ni Ni (2) : 9 ~ 12.0,P P: 0.045 or less
S: sulfur 0.03 or less,Ti Ti: 4 * (C + N) ~ 0.70.321H stainless steel is stainless steel with carbon C of 0.04~0.10.

321H stainless steel rod is titanium, niobium plus tantalum, niobium stabilized stainless steel, suitable for the use of high temperature welding components. 321H is a type of stainless steel suitable for the nuclear power industry.

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