321 stainless steel welded pipe on sale

321 stainless steel welded pipe on sale  

321 stainless steel is Ni-Cr-Ti type austenitic stainless steel, being used in the manufacture of wear-resistant acid containers and wear-resistant equipment lining, pipeline etc,Jawaysteel is exactly manufacturer for 321 stainless steel pipe,tube,bar,sheet,coil and strip etc

Regarding for 321 stainless steel pipes,most contracts can be divided into seamless tubes and welded pipe and when the buyer places orders,they should advise us which norm and standard we should follow,like ASTM A312 and ASTM A553,the former one is catering for normal used seamless and welded stainless steel tubes,its application is very wide,however for later one ASTM A553,it is mainly for welded tubes,not for seamlesss tubes.Hence if any buyer places order for 321 pipes,please advise us which condition and which standard we should copy.And if you want to buy 321 stainless steel welded pipe,we are exactly a good match to supply under better condition but lower price.

The difference between 321 and 304 Grade.
If we consider from chemical and alloy composition,there is only one obvious different between 304 and 321,that is the Titanum element,in 321 the Ti is added to strengthen materials resistance to climate,environment and changing on outside forcing,and the other difference is not obvious but still important,that is,it is owning extra 1% Nickle than 304 grade,in 321 the Nickle is 9% min,reference on ASTM,however in 304,it is 8% min.With more nickle content and adding of Titanium,321 governs more stability to resist on climate change and outside forcing etc.

We manufactured a large qty of 321 stainless steel welded pipe on sale,around 15,000 tons per year exporting to Ukraine,USA,Russia,France.Most buyers come from North and cold area,because 321 functions better in cold condition.

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